Carly Muchow spent Summer 2021 as a merchandising intern at the fashion company ABLE. ABLE is an ethical fashion brand that employs and empowers women as a solution to end poverty. Carly was responsible for tasks like managing sales forecasts and communicating with overseas production partners. She also would attend important buying meetings, enter and revise purchase orders and reorders, help track orders to ensure timely delivery of merchandise, analyze sales data, and offer insight into the brand’s production process. She had the opportunity to work directly with multiple teams and shadow various members for the opportunity to see how each position works together with each other to accomplish goals as a company. Additionally, Carly assisted in researching and analyzing countries’ duty rates, overseeing, buying, and forecasting the success of this year’s home assortment. Her internship has helped show her things she likes and didn’t like, plus new ventures she would be interested in exploring in the future. Throughout her time with ABLE she learned the importance of learning from her mistakes, the importance of asking questions, and writing notes for quick reference to stay organized. She was able to accomplish goals she had set for herself at the beginning of the summer. One goal was to broaden her perspective and participate in at least three projects outside of her merchandising role and she accomplished this by working with other teams. Showing the importance of stepping out of your comfort zone and learning from others while interning with a company. From her internship, she now has a better understanding of herself and her goals which inspired future career plans.