Alexis Gilner is a senior majoring in Marketing. Follow her on Twitter or Instagram @alexis_gilner!

1.) What are you/did you intern what are/were your responsibilities/projects? • Provide general support for marketing and sales operations
• Maintain and manage marketing calendar for sales team
• Attend weekly marketing meetings and take minutes to send out to attendees
• Manage database maintenance
• Track sales data through CRM and company wide systems
• Coordinate travel and hospitality arrangements
• Create expense reports
• Help build new company website through WordPress
• Assist the sales team with implementation of marketing and lead generation programs
2. What are you learning/did you learn from your internship that will benefit you in your future career? I learned many things that will benefit me in my future career but specifically, CRM and other databases is something that I have had the opportunity to learn and work with first hand that will be very beneficial to me in the future. Also, I have learned how to create a website through WordPress and experience with Adobe photoshop too.
3. What does/did a typical day at your internship look like? A typical day in my internship varies but I go through my email and respond to any that need attending to when I first get in the office. I attend internal sales meetings and marketing meetings to discuss the agenda for the week and coordinate responsibilities among the team. I work on expense reports and projects for the project management team, marketing team and sales team. My role varies each week but I get the opportunity to work alongside different departments within the company and learn many aspects of the business.
4. After a long week at your internship, what do/did you like to do to rejuvenate yourself? It depends but I like to work out then relax with friends or Shark Tank (it’s my go to).
5. What kind of music do/did you like to listen to on our way to your internship? Any song in particular that you favor? I listen to just about anything country. Every once in awhile I will turn on some pop music but it is usually country on blast. I wouldn’t say there is a particular song.
6. How did you find this internship? I found this internship through a friend who is a Massey college alumni. He loved his experience at Advent and highly recommended it. I have an interest in the sports industry and Advent works with college athletics and pro athletic organizations.
7. What do you wish you had known starting this internship? I wish I would have had previous exposure to CRM and sales and project management databases. I quickly picked up on how to use them but it is something that would have been beneficial to know before I began.
9. Anything else you would like to share about this experience? I have had a very positive experience with my internship at Advent. I have the opportunity to see many aspects of the business and learn a lot from the team and company leaders. They do a terrific job keeping their interns engaged and involved both professionally and socially. Everyone is incredibly welcoming and the culture makes it enjoyable to go to work every day. I have felt very lucky to find a company like Advent.