Madilyn Garrison spent Summer 2021 interning with HCA’s Information Systems of Internal Audit department. She had the opportunity to be hands on during projects and speak with clients. Her main project was entitled HeART. HeART is a solution of vendor-integrated applications that allow a nurse to receive patient vitals on their iMobile devices. Her duties on this project included testing User Access and Disaster Recovery sections. It was challenging because she had to ensure all users were property documented, she worked alongside HR to receive the correct documentation for each user. She also had to make sure each user was given the proper access for their role. Madilyn worked with clients directly when testing the Disaster Recovery to gain insight onto what procedures were in place to prevent unauthorized access. This internship truly changed her views on potential career paths, healthcare as a whole, and what it means to apply knowledge to areas that are not comfortable. The assignments she received throughout her internship were very challenging, but truly helped develop skills within the professional realm. She had to train herself to be comfortable with being uncomfortable and that was one of the hardest challenges she faced. The top lesson learned throughout her internship was learning how to find adaptability in everything. Following adaptability, she had to learn how to be a strong team player. Lastly, from her internship with HCA, Madilyn learned not to be afraid of failure. In order to learn within the professional world, it is important to try new things and learn from your mistakes. Working alongside a strong team, she had the support she needed to work through problems and come out more equip to handle them in the future. One goal that was set for Madilyn by her mentor was to lead a meeting with their clients. Madilyn was afraid because this was an area she was unfamiliar with. She knew that presenting to clients was an important part of her role, she did very well in the meeting and decided that she wanted to lead an additional meeting. Having a positive attitude about her goal was a part of helping her to achieve it as well as going beyond the expectation. Overall, she I truly enjoyed her internship with HCA. It was quite the challenge, but she learned a tremendous amount about the company through seminars, trainings, and exploration of her own.