This past fall Kevin Quinlivan spent time as a Data and Insights Intern with Aloompa. Aloompa is a company that makes apps and innovative products for conference and community events. Kevin landed his internship from attending one of Belmont’s Fall Career Fairs.

“The most valuable hard skills that I learned from this internship were Google Analytics and Excel. I spent most of my time in these two applications, so I have become well-acquainted in each. The best way for me to learn is by doing, so now I am comfortable in both,” said Kevin. Because of this experience, Kevin says that he now has a business mind for how to think analytically and break down data.

For an entire semester, I used data to tell a story and provide creative insights for clients. I also gained some formatting skills and a mind for design while creating these reports. Everything that I have learned, and the mere exposure to such a creative and innovative workplace has helped me to know what I will look for in my career.

While working Kevin’s favorite tunes to listen to included hits from Thomas Rhett and Old Dominion!