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  1. What are you/did you intern what are/were your responsibilities/projects?

“I am interning at the Nashville Symphony in the human resources department. My overall purpose here is to re-vamp the internship program that the symphony currently has in place. I am also assisting with benefits/compensation, onboarding, recruiting, and creating job descriptions.”

2. What are you learning/did you learn from your internship that will benefit you in your future career?

“My supervisor Katie has given me lots of responsibility and authority which I am pleasantly surprised with. I have had lots of hands-on work in all rolls that human resources plays. I have also worked a lot with SmartHire and Tessitura which both apply to pretty much any HR job, so I am feeling confident in my HR skills, all that to say.”

3. What kind of music do/did you like to listen to on our way to your internship? Any song in particular that you favor?

“Oh man, I listen to anything and everything from Bob Dylan to west coast hip-hop… I just love all music! It’s hard to peg one genre or “type” of music I listen to on the way to the symphony because it’s changed daily, if not hourly. When I needed to prepare for a busy day, I stayed mellow with “Romeo and Juliet” by Dire Straits (which has my favorite lyrics of all time) and “Alaska” by Maggie Rogers which is a new release and uses lots of natural almost “organic” sounds which makes her stand out. I’m actually very excited to watch her career take off, I think she’s going to be incredibly successful.”

“Also this spring/summer has been phenomenal for hip-hop with the release of Kanye West’s “Life of Pablo” and Chance the Rapper’s mixtape “Coloring Book”. On Kanye’s album I LOVE “Wolves”… I think his production is the best in the industry and this track solidifies my argument. Chance’s “Blessings” and “Juke Jams” are both incredible due to his unique sound and his positive message which help him stand out in the industry.”