1.  What are you learning/did you learn from your internship that will benefit you in your future career?

“By interning at Caterpillar Financial, I was able to not only learn more about the company but how to be a professional in a corporate workplace. I quickly learned the responsibilities of working full-time for nine weeks and how the culture strongly influences an employee’s work life. I also learned how to network and the importance of networking. Though it was tiring, each day of my internship was like an interview. Every interaction I entailed, I treated it as if I was being interviewed. That’s why the company has an internship program. They want to see what quality of work you can produce and evaluate your work ethic. The internship prepares you for the “real” world. Take advantage of it!”

  1. How did you find this internship?

“I found this internship through Belmont’s Career Development site. I applied online, and then I interviewed on-campus a few months later.”