Junior Jordan Dunn spent his Fall semester working as a college associate for Fox News in New York City. He directly dealt with original video and graphic content for Fox Business’s online platform. Jordan said that working with Fox News was the perfect opportunity for to grow in his understanding of media, experience with online content distribution, and use of research data to develop sound presentations and proposals.

Not every day looked the same in Jordan’s time with Fox. “When I would arrive to work, I would receive an email with the pressing stories of the day and who was assigned to each story. Some days I would help with other’s stories by researching, acquiring third party photo/video, or going out in the field to investigate/film myself,” He said.  “Other days I would find my own stories in my research, write a script, pitch it to my boss, and produce it upon approval.”

Out of all the things Jordan learned while working in the big apple, he says the most importna t thing he gained was confidence in the workplace.

“I learned a mixture of business skills and life lessons. Professionally, I learned how to do accurate news research, communicate with institutions like the Associated Press, keep tabs on economic/political data, and produce content using media software like Adobe Premier or After Effects. Personally, I learned that you will only ever be as successful as you allow yourself to be. When you have free time at work, that is always your chance to shine as an intern, employee, or entrepreneur. Go above and beyond what is necessary and always have a positive attitude in the process.”

To find more about Jordan’s NYC experience or to connect with him follow him on Instagram and Twitter! @jdunn2015