KS 1

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  1. What are you/did you intern what are/were your responsibilities/projects?

“I was able to work alongside 3 entrepreneurs in the poorest parish of Jamaica to help them start their own companies. The non-profit I interned for (one53) provides micro-loans and mini entrepreneurship courses for aspiring entrepreneurs in the St. Thomas parish of Jamaica. I helped come up with the curriculum to teach them, and I got to travel to Jamaica twice last semester to help them in actually launching their businesses. I got to connect with the locals in the Morant Bay Area, and make some connections for future business endeavors. I have a huge heart for mission work, and this internship was the perfect mesh of entrepreneurship combined with international missions. I got to travel, mentor some of the most loving and kindhearted people I now know, AND love on the locals in an amazing country called Jamaica. What an amazing experience that could not have been more relevant to what I want to do when I graduate!”