Internship Information

What is an Internship?

An internship can be defined as a self-directed, supervised, practical learning experience that allows a student to apply their classroom knowledge and education in a professional work environment. It also is the #1 way new college graduates land a job!

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Top 10 Reasons to Complete an Internship

10. Gain new skills, knowledge, confidence, and professional work habits
9. Build your resume
8. Earn college credit toward your degree
7. Internships provide a solution to the “must have experience” dilemma
6. Internships give you the competitive edge
5. Employers often use their internship program as a recruiting tool, so take the opportunity to “get your foot in the door”!
4. Build your professional network
3. Make money and possibly receive other benefits
2. Make more money

9 Tips for a Successful Internship Search

  1. Fantasize – what are your passions?
  2. Scrap – research all possibilities. Consult every source – family, friends, alumni, professors, classmates, professional associations.
  3. Don’t Procrasinate – some summer internship deadlines are as early as November while others have rolling deadlines. Plus many other students are probably interested in that same position.
  4. Materialize – prepare your application materials – resume, cover letter, recommendations, transcripts, samples of your work.
  5. Customize – Tailor your cover letters for each application. This is your way to let organizations know why you’re specifically interested in working for them.
  6. Personalize – if possible, visit the internship sites for an interview or call the internship coordinator. Show your enthusiasm and interest in the position.
  7. Energize – passion and persistance pay off. Follow up on your letters, phone calls, and interviews with personal notes.
  8. Initiate – make your own internship! Collect information about the company, organization, or individual you’d like to work for. Write a letter expressing your interest and background and offer your services.
  9. It’s Never Too Late – many organizations consider intern applications throughout the year. If you’ve missed a dealine, apply now for next year, and ask to be considered if something opens up sooner.