This past summer Jenny Obrien spent her days as an intern with The Kirkland Company in Brentwood, TN. TKC is a Commercial Real Estate company that specializes in multi-family housing while working alongside Market Street Retail, which works in the selling of commercial retail space. During her time at TKC, some of her responsibilities included conducting market and rent comparable research on the Southeastern US. She also assisted in the weekly distribution of integrated marketing campaigns.

Working at TKC not only helped Jenny to further develop her professional skills and knowledge of the commercial real estate world, but she says it also gave her an idea of the type of company she hopes to work for in the future. “TKC bases its business on high ethical standards and stresses the importance of community in the workplace,” said Jenny.

A typical day at Jenny’s internship began at 9 am, where she would make sure any leftover tasks that she had been working on were in motion or completed. After lunch, she would often run errands for the office (going to FedEx for printing services, running to staples to get last minute marketing package supplies, etc..). Days usually wrapped up by working in the conference room where afternoons were more casual.

Jenny most enjoyed the challenge her work provided her. She says that, “No day at TKC was the same as the one before, my direct bosses granted me a tremendous amount of freedom in completing my work and I attribute their trust in me to the skills I have learned in my Belmont courses”.