Twitter: @kyleexann
Instagram: @kyleeann

  1. What are you/did you intern what are/were you responsibilities/projects?

β€œI am interning at Time Warner Cable Sports Channel where I am a sports media production assistant. What is great about my internship is that it is half media production and half sports business production. This means that in the office I am working on everything that goes into a production. This includes who is working camera, graphics, replay, etc. as well as where are we shooting this event, who is involved and arranging everything. Then when the event actually happens, I am able to see my work in the office actually in action. I help set up the production as well as take down. In addition, during a production I am shadowing every position learning a little about every position.”

  1. After a long week at your internship, what do/did you like to do to rejuvenate yourself?

β€œOn the weekends I like to explore the city. Living in a new city, there is so much to do and see. Since I am only here for two months, I like to try new restaurants, meet new people, and explore Uptown with my roommate!”