Makena Lautner spent this past summer interning for the Tennessee State Soccer Association. TSSA is a nonprofit soccer association located in Nashville. They are members of the United States Youth Soccer Association, United States Adult Soccer Association, United States Soccer Federation, and Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA).

Makena had several job responsibilities including managing the soccer teams and events, social media content and posts, mass email communication, event management, and helping with logistics and coordination. She assisted the Director of Registration and the Director of Marketing and Sponsorships throughout her summer internship. She planned and executed the Streets to Stadium event, golf charity event, and multiple soccer tournaments.

Makena gained great experience and knowledge during her internship! “I was able to further my knowledge in business. This internship allowed me to use my strengths in logistics and helping others to focus on my tasks. This internship connected me with several other people. I was able to gain insight on how they plan for events.”