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What does it mean to be a Massey Careerist?

  • Pursuing professional growth and a purposeful career.
  • Possessing a take-change attitude and fostering innovative thinking
  • Behaving ethically and entrepreneurially in the global economy.

Being a Massey Careerist is about being bold and proactive as you find your place to engage and transform the world. Join us in shaping a future where your career aspirations align seamlessly with making a positive difference in the world.

Massey Career Development Services:

Individual Career Advising & Coaching
Career Testing and Self-Assessment Tools
Job & Internship Listings
Alumni Career Network
Job Search Strategy
Resume Preparation
Exclusive Internet Resources
Interview Training


Earn Academic Credit

Discover the ins and outs of getting your internship approved for course credit, understand the credit requirements, find out the hours needed per credit, and more. Check out the Explore Academic Credit blog page for all the essential details to make your internship experience a success.

Intern Spotlight

Discover the internship stories of fellow business students in your major – learn about their roles, responsibilities, and key takeaways. Dive into the Intern Spotlight page to explore a variety of experiences, providing valuable insights into the professional world.

Career Development Resources

Discover some of the top resources available to you through the Massey Career Development Center to assist you in identifying specific job and internship opportunities, occupations and career paths, your own interests, skills, values, personality, preferences, and more.

Expert Advice

Gain a job search advantage with insights from business and recruiting experts. Explore valuable advice on various aspects of your job or internship search and overall career development. Visit the Expert Advice page for expert perspectives that can elevate your career journey

Professional Organizations

Explore opportunities to connect and learn from professionals in your desired career field, both in the Greater Nashville area and nationwide. Discover the array of possibilities available on the Professional Organizations page.

First Jobs of Graduates

Discover the career paths chosen by graduates from Massey College of Business with your major. Uncover the diverse array of jobs they have accepted post-graduation.