Tennessee State Soccer Association Internship: Makena Lautner

Makena Lautner spent this past summer interning for the Tennessee State Soccer Association. TSSA is a nonprofit soccer association located in Nashville. They are members of the United States Youth Soccer Association, United States Adult Soccer Association, United States Soccer Federation, and Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA).

Makena had several job responsibilities including managing the soccer teams and events, social media content and posts, mass email communication, event management, and helping with logistics and coordination. She assisted the Director of Registration and the Director of Marketing and Sponsorships throughout her summer internship. She planned and executed the Streets to Stadium event, golf charity event, and multiple soccer tournaments.

Makena gained great experience and knowledge during her internship! “I was able to further my knowledge in business. This internship allowed me to use my strengths in logistics and helping others to focus on my tasks. This internship connected me with several other people. I was able to gain insight on how they plan for events.”

Nashville Predators Internship: Alainna Brown

This past summer Alainna Brown had the opportunity to intern for the Nashville Predators, the professional ice hockey team located in Nashville. Alainna worked in the Nashville Predators Community Relationship Department. Through this department she was able to work with the Predators Foundation, a charity organization devoted to funneling the excitement of professional sports towards the needs of the community.

Working with the Community Relationship Department, Alainna had several job responsibilities including contacting charities involved with the Nashville Predators, organizing summer events/playoff events, and shipping merchandise to charities.

Throughout her internship, Alainna gained valuable experience and learned a lot! “My goals going into my summer internship with the Nashville Predators was to learn as much as I could in a fun and exciting environment. I feel as if I accomplished this goal. I am more confident leaving this internship that I actually could be successful at a future career in this field. The environment was relaxed and conductive to learning, while maintaining the integrity of the Nashville Predators organization.”

Aloompa Internship: Kevin Quinlivan

This past fall Kevin Quinlivan spent time as a Data and Insights Intern with Aloompa. Aloompa is a company that makes apps and innovative products for conference and community events. Kevin landed his internship from attending one of Belmont’s Fall Career Fairs.

“The most valuable hard skills that I learned from this internship were Google Analytics and Excel. I spent most of my time in these two applications, so I have become well-acquainted in each. The best way for me to learn is by doing, so now I am comfortable in both,” said Kevin. Because of this experience, Kevin says that he now has a business mind for how to think analytically and break down data.

For an entire semester, I used data to tell a story and provide creative insights for clients. I also gained some formatting skills and a mind for design while creating these reports. Everything that I have learned, and the mere exposure to such a creative and innovative workplace has helped me to know what I will look for in my career.

While working Kevin’s favorite tunes to listen to included hits from Thomas Rhett and Old Dominion!



Dr. Axe Internship: Jamie Isabel

Jamie Isabel is spending his Spring semester working as a marketing intern for Dr. Axe. He uses his skills behind the computer to create and implement A/B tests on the website, design web pages and perform data analysis. Jamie says a typical day at the office includes updating and creating A/B tests, creating reports for various marketing channel owners, and creating sales pages for new products and marketing funnels.

As an economics and entrepreneurship double major, Jamie’s interest in analytics and marketing is helping him throughout his time at Dr. Axe. He says that he is learning a ton about data analysis with excel and google data studio as well as all verticals of marketing from strategy, to advertising.

Jamie found his internship through the Massey Career Chronicle! Make sure to keep up with updates on opportunities each week.

Fox News Internship: Jordan Dunn


Junior Jordan Dunn spent his Fall semester working as a college associate for Fox News in New York City. He directly dealt with original video and graphic content for Fox Business’s online platform. Jordan said that working with Fox News was the perfect opportunity for to grow in his understanding of media, experience with online content distribution, and use of research data to develop sound presentations and proposals.

Not every day looked the same in Jordan’s time with Fox. “When I would arrive to work, I would receive an email with the pressing stories of the day and who was assigned to each story. Some days I would help with other’s stories by researching, acquiring third party photo/video, or going out in the field to investigate/film myself,” He said.  “Other days I would find my own stories in my research, write a script, pitch it to my boss, and produce it upon approval.”

Out of all the things Jordan learned while working in the big apple, he says the most importna t thing he gained was confidence in the workplace.

“I learned a mixture of business skills and life lessons. Professionally, I learned how to do accurate news research, communicate with institutions like the Associated Press, keep tabs on economic/political data, and produce content using media software like Adobe Premier or After Effects. Personally, I learned that you will only ever be as successful as you allow yourself to be. When you have free time at work, that is always your chance to shine as an intern, employee, or entrepreneur. Go above and beyond what is necessary and always have a positive attitude in the process.”

To find more about Jordan’s NYC experience or to connect with him follow him on Instagram and Twitter! @jdunn2015

Advent Internship: Alexis Gilner

Alexis Gilner is a senior majoring in Marketing. Follow her on Twitter or Instagram @alexis_gilner!

1.) What are you/did you intern what are/were your responsibilities/projects? • Provide general support for marketing and sales operations
• Maintain and manage marketing calendar for sales team
• Attend weekly marketing meetings and take minutes to send out to attendees
• Manage database maintenance
• Track sales data through CRM and company wide systems
• Coordinate travel and hospitality arrangements
• Create expense reports
• Help build new company website through WordPress
• Assist the sales team with implementation of marketing and lead generation programs
2. What are you learning/did you learn from your internship that will benefit you in your future career? I learned many things that will benefit me in my future career but specifically, CRM and other databases is something that I have had the opportunity to learn and work with first hand that will be very beneficial to me in the future. Also, I have learned how to create a website through WordPress and experience with Adobe photoshop too.
3. What does/did a typical day at your internship look like? A typical day in my internship varies but I go through my email and respond to any that need attending to when I first get in the office. I attend internal sales meetings and marketing meetings to discuss the agenda for the week and coordinate responsibilities among the team. I work on expense reports and projects for the project management team, marketing team and sales team. My role varies each week but I get the opportunity to work alongside different departments within the company and learn many aspects of the business.
4. After a long week at your internship, what do/did you like to do to rejuvenate yourself? It depends but I like to work out then relax with friends or Shark Tank (it’s my go to).
5. What kind of music do/did you like to listen to on our way to your internship? Any song in particular that you favor? I listen to just about anything country. Every once in awhile I will turn on some pop music but it is usually country on blast. I wouldn’t say there is a particular song.
6. How did you find this internship? I found this internship through a friend who is a Massey college alumni. He loved his experience at Advent and highly recommended it. I have an interest in the sports industry and Advent works with college athletics and pro athletic organizations.
7. What do you wish you had known starting this internship? I wish I would have had previous exposure to CRM and sales and project management databases. I quickly picked up on how to use them but it is something that would have been beneficial to know before I began.
9. Anything else you would like to share about this experience? I have had a very positive experience with my internship at Advent. I have the opportunity to see many aspects of the business and learn a lot from the team and company leaders. They do a terrific job keeping their interns engaged and involved both professionally and socially. Everyone is incredibly welcoming and the culture makes it enjoyable to go to work every day. I have felt very lucky to find a company like Advent.


Intern Spotlight: Noah Shertzer


Junior Noah Shertzer is a Management major who spent the Summer in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania at Capital Blue Cross working as their official Community Relations Intern.

During his time with the company, Noah worked planning events, organizing sponsorships and assisting in community outreach. “I did a lot of outreach to different organizations and non-profits, most of which are customers or potential customers of Capital BlueCross,” he said.

Throughout his time with the department, he also learned the importance of allocating work. With a wide variety of tasks in many different areas, Noah managed to network with a range companies. I made a long-standing connection with a few non-profits. I have connected and befriended people from Pennsylvania Food-bank and United Way. I really wanted to do this because from the start, I loved what they do and what they stand for so I wanted to know them for volunteer opportunities and for future endeavors,” he said.

In addition to his roles in events and outreach, Noah gained valuable experience in managing budgets and role adaptation. He hopes to possibly pursue a graduate degree or work in a sales sector one day, and he found the experience to be informing and valuable to his future career endeavors.

Intern Spotlight: Brooklyn Welch



Brooklyn is a Marketing Major who interned at BubbleUp Digital Marketing in Nashville, TN.

  1. What are/were your responsibilities/projects?

I interned at BubbleUp Digital Marketing Agency on Music Row here in Nashville, TN as a digital marketing intern. BubbleUp is a digital marketing agency that codes, designs, and manages websites and ticketing for artists, restaurants, and non-profits. My purpose as an intern was to assist with customer service and data collection and analysis. My favorite responsibilty was managing the customer service for fan club pages for Luke Bryan, The Avett Brothers, and Zac Brown Band. It was an exciting experience to interact with fans and assist in making their fan club experience even better.

  1. What are you learning/did you learn from your internship that will benefit you in your future career?

During my summer internship, I learned the importance of staying on top of the curve in an ever-changing industry. The digital world is always changing and improving, and constantly learning more about the industry is a lesson that my supervisors always drilled into me.

How did you find this internship?

I found this internship on Belmont’s Career Connector website (now known as Handshake). It is an amazing resource and provided me with a wonderful summer internship!

Intern Spotlight: Kylee Smith


Twitter: @kyleexann
Instagram: @kyleeann

  1. What are you/did you intern what are/were you responsibilities/projects?

“I am interning at Time Warner Cable Sports Channel where I am a sports media production assistant. What is great about my internship is that it is half media production and half sports business production. This means that in the office I am working on everything that goes into a production. This includes who is working camera, graphics, replay, etc. as well as where are we shooting this event, who is involved and arranging everything. Then when the event actually happens, I am able to see my work in the office actually in action. I help set up the production as well as take down. In addition, during a production I am shadowing every position learning a little about every position.”

  1. After a long week at your internship, what do/did you like to do to rejuvenate yourself?

“On the weekends I like to explore the city. Living in a new city, there is so much to do and see. Since I am only here for two months, I like to try new restaurants, meet new people, and explore Uptown with my roommate!”

Intern Spotlight: Natalie Ryan


1.  What are you learning/did you learn from your internship that will benefit you in your future career?

“By interning at Caterpillar Financial, I was able to not only learn more about the company but how to be a professional in a corporate workplace. I quickly learned the responsibilities of working full-time for nine weeks and how the culture strongly influences an employee’s work life. I also learned how to network and the importance of networking. Though it was tiring, each day of my internship was like an interview. Every interaction I entailed, I treated it as if I was being interviewed. That’s why the company has an internship program. They want to see what quality of work you can produce and evaluate your work ethic. The internship prepares you for the “real” world. Take advantage of it!”

  1. How did you find this internship?

“I found this internship through Belmont’s Career Development site. I applied online, and then I interviewed on-campus a few months later.”