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The Best—and Worst—Ways to Show Forgiveness

By: Campbell Jenkins Everyone has had a point in a friendship where one person does the other wrong in some way, whether it’s not answering important text messages or getting involved with the other’s crush. With situations like those, there can be a wide range of not only reactions but also types of forgiveness. I …

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How to Overcome Conflict in a Long-Distance Relationship

By: Caroline Rulon Long-distance relationships are hard, but why make them harder than they need to be? Research shows that certain tactics and approaches to long-distance communication can make all the difference in relational satisfaction. By adjusting how you approach conflict and identifying your goals before initiating an argument, you may just find yourself in …

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Teamwork in a Global Society

By: Josie Edwards Teamwork is a part of life. So why do we dread it so much? Working as a part of a team requires individuals to confront different communication styles in order to work together. This is a challenge in itself. Now imagine trying to work as a team with people from different cultural …

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Good Grief: A Guide to Loving Others through Loss

By: Emma Johansson Growing up, death was not something my family talked about around the dinner table. Chances are, I’m not alone in saying that. We often deem the topic to be unsuitable for casual discussion, and we avoid it. I was the same way–that is, until my senior year of high school, getting ready …

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Parental Control in the Digital Age

By: Carolyn Miller Growing up, I could not wait to one day go off to college. There were many reasons why, but one of the biggest reasons was that I would finally be free from my mom’s rules. You know exactly what I’m talking about, most people spend their entire childhood with their parents being …

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