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Linking Listening Styles and Compassion

By Mary Mae King You’re stuck at work missing yet another family event because your boss wasn’t listening when you requested time off weeks ago. You’re a hard worker who barely asks for time off and you explained that you have an annual family camping weekend coming up. However, your boss reminds you that work …

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Still Fight with Your Sibling?

By: Maddie Tubergen Siblings are so much fun, until you are trying to strangle one another. Even as we get older it still feels like we fight with our siblings like a couple of 8-year-old kids at grandma’s house. We are not entirely to blame for sibling quarrels. Research published by the Journal of Social …

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Like Mother, Like Daughter

By: Sarah Jenkins I have an amazing mother. Not only is she generous, hard-working and kind, but she is also the most beautiful woman I have ever seen. I love my mom. However, I grew up in a handful-of-almonds-for-lunch, 600-day-streak-on-MyFitnessPal, coffee-creamer-has-too-many-calories household. My mom would say how “bad” she’s being when we ate dessert together. …

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So, What’s Your Secret?

By: Sophie Rey Having secrets within families is nearly universal. In fact, one study suggests that nearly 97% of people have some form of a family secret. But what factors determine whether or not the secret gets brought out into the open and shared? Researchers in the field of communication wanted to dig deeper into …

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Stressed? You Should Call Your Mom

By: Tia Tricamo You’re a college student. It’s finals week. Five assignments due. Four exams. Three essays. Two group projects. One job application. Stressed is an understatement. For college students, stress is no stranger. From heavy classwork, to internships, to the job search, college students are faced with stressful situations constantly. This way of life …

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You Should Practice Yoga

By Erika Verellen Modern adults live fast-paced lives. To accomplish everything, we are always going, going, going. As such, young adults and specifically, college students, don’t take time to care for themselves. We have dozens of tasks to complete that we often forgo lunch or skip sleep in order to scratch off another task on …

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Are you a Helicopter Parent?

By: COM 2140 Family Communication Students COM 2140 Family Communication recently read a research study about family communication patterns and helicopter parenting of first-year college students. The 2021 study published in the Journal of Family Communication found that even well-meaning parents in conversational families engage in behaviors their students perceive as helicopter parenting. Unfortunately, the …

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