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Can I Get a Connection?

By: Caroline Elliott, Edited by: Jack Tucker Tension arises in relationships all the time. In fact, it’s pretty much inevitable. Whether tension involves making time for each other, putting effort into a relationship or cell phone usage, it doesn’t always mean that the relationship is headed downhill. If you’ve been struggling with these things, you’re …

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Catching Your Breath

By: Carly Mitchell Edited By: Megan Montgomery My iPhone: a convenient, pocket-sized computer that is simultaneously the bane of my existence and my savior. At times I find myself getting lost in the texts, emails and social media notifications to a point of mental exhaustion, making it a necessity for me to set aside time …

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Fighting Through Our Phones

By: Renee Schroeder, Edited by: Jack Tucker “Can we talk about this in person?” This is a question that I’ve typed many times. Throughout middle school, high school, and now even college, I’ve tried my best to handle arguments over text countless times. Even when I’ve replied by asking to talk in person, arguments seem to …

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Fathers and Sons

Written by: Abbey Grace Green  Edited by: Megan Montgomery My iPhone is constantly lighting up with Snapchat notifications for a group chat called Fathers and Sons. This group chat includes three of my best girlfriends and myself. Why Fathers and Sons?  These girls are my family and we take care of each other as fathers …

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A Good Start

By: Matthew McCloy, Edited by: Jack Tucker Can you recall a time when you felt good about the impression you left with someone? In a competitive and booming city like Nashville, making the right first impression is crucial. As my dad says, “Remember, a firm handshake and make eye contact.” I may brush it off …

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A New Generation of Addicts

By: Erin Rogers Edited By: Megan Montgomery Social Media Cleanse Series Have you ever looked up from your phone and realized that everyone around you is on their device? Maybe you were at a restaurant, sitting in the airport, at the doctor’s office in the waiting room or even in your own living room surrounded by …

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He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not

By: Abby Roesch , Edited by: Jack Tucker In college, many students find themselves in romantic relationships. Although I am not currently in a relationship, I am frequently the “go-to” confidant for relationship advice. Whether from my roommates, friends or even my older brother, I am often asked questions such as, “do you think he …

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More Than a Game

By: Conley Chinn, Edited By: Jack Tucker Sports have been a part of my life for a long time. When I was only four years old, I was on the soccer field. After that, my dad had me dribbling in the basketball gym. If you started playing sports at a young age like me, I …

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