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Social Media Management at Belmont
By Natalie Jones

Did you know that Belmont launched a new bachelor’s degree this fall? This year, Belmont was one of the first colleges in the nation to unveil a Social Media Management program. Students are now able to major and minor in social media! Social Media is a huge part of our day-to-day life …

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Why Belmont’s New M.S. in Strategic Communication and Leadership Could Be a Good Fit For You
By: Luke Worsham

Are you a Belmont undergraduate communication student who’s looking for the perfect place to continue your higher education with graduate work? If so, you may not have to look very far. Belmont University launched its new M.S. in Strategic Communication and Leadership program, a unique course of study in which students receive …

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The Best—and Worst—Ways to Show Forgiveness
By Campbell Jenkins

Everyone has had a point in a friendship where one person does the other wrong in some way, whether it’s not answering important text messages or getting involved with the other’s crush. With situations like those, there can be a wide range of not only reactions but also types of forgiveness. I …

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