Kat Everett, a corporate recruiter, guides us through how to make a resume stand out for good reasons in her recent article for The Best Schools “How to Make a Resume: A Recruiter Explains”. Recruiters often do not have 20+ minutes to spend reviewing each resume, so it is imperative that your resume is easy-to-digest with clean-reading allowing the recruiter to quickly learn about you. Formatting and ordering your resume into a single column with experience listed in reverse chronological order allows the content of your resume to be understood quickly.

“Writing a successful resume requires far more than just listing your professional experience in reverse chronological order.”

Listed below are some of the resume writing tips as well as the Do’s and Don’ts from Kat Everett:

  • Take a deep breath!
  • Keep a living version of your resume for quick edits and updates.
  • Target your resume (and cover letter) to each role as much as your can.
  • Make sure you have two or more people proofread your resume.
  • Leverage special projects or volunteer experience to make up for limited professional experience.


  • Use PDF vs. Word
  • Arrange your experience in reverse chronological order
  • Tailor it to the role/company if you can
  • Humanize it, if you have space
  • Proofread (and have someone else proofread!)


  • Have a busy resume
  • Submit a resume that is 3+ pages long!
  • Exclude employment history dates
  • Submit resume with broken links
  • Write “fluff” sentences


To read more about how to make your resume stand out for good, you can read the full article by Kat Everett HERE.

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