Dominican Republic 2018

Dominican Republic Reflections – Part 3

Our courageous ladies and staff have returned from their life changing mission trip to Juan Dolio, Dominican Republic. We will be sharing reflections from everyone who made the journey so that you may hear more about how impactful the week was.


Sophomore Georgia McKee:
You’ve heard from me all week, but again, I am just in awe of what has happened this week. Since the beginning of summer, I’ve known that there was going to be a breakthrough this semester, but I had no idea what that looked like. The conversations and walls that were torn down this week were just that. It’s crazy – you never think as a little girl that softball will be the gateway to leading people to Christ and serving in a third world country. I am beyond grateful for every Score staff member, teammate, opponent, orphan, child, Dominican, American, etc., that we came into contact with this week. There were so many unexpected friendships and connections made that were truly a divine intervention. I love my team!!

Sophomore Cheyenne Cavanaugh:
This week has been nothing short of incredible. We have been able to see God move in amazing ways and use us as servants for his work. We have been humbled by the amount of love this community has shown us during our time here. We have enjoyed every second growing deeper in our knowledge of Christ and learning more about each other. I am so thankful to everyone who helped make this trip possible and helped our team grow is extraordinary ways! 

Senior Hayley Baker:

This week has been nothing short of incredible! If I could use one word to describe the whole trip it would be LOVE. I felt so much love for my teammates and coaches, love for the people that we were serving, love for the new friends we made, and love for God. I’m sad to leave this beautiful country, but also excited to go home and share this experience with others. ¡Adios! Con amor, Hayley. 

Senior Chelsea Thomas:

After just one week in the Dominican, there has been so much growth. I believe God brought us an experience that helped us learn and feel connected through our messages and verses we shared to others. We impacted others, but they impacted us just as much. I look back on the handicap orphanage and will always remember the joy on those kids faces when they simply just wanted to hold a hand. It is the little things that impact somebody so much. God works in wonderful ways and I thank him for this opportunity he brought upon us!