Alaska 2022

Alaska Blog Conclusion

By Laura Shoopman

In all, not only was this an excellent missions trip that combined serving the community, youth outreach, and cultural experiences together, but the team became much closer than before. Going into the trip, everyone on the team didn’t know everyone. Coming out of it, we have shared many highs, few lows, and lots of “God Moments” together and that has bonded us in a way only a trip like this could do. Through our efforts to love on the kids and contribute to church and community projects, we became a stronger unit and were made aware of the greater purpose than just ourselves.

We have all come out with a greater appreciation for the opportunities available to us- the lifestyles we live, the conveniences of living in a more developed area such as ordering items to your home, grocery shopping, and the network of roads that can get us anywhere we want to be.

One thing that will stand out forever as we look back at this trip is the joy and generosity of the people of Unalakleet. That is what sets them apart- they jump to help anybody and everybody. We were blessed enough to witness that first hand and that will leave a lasting impression on us for the years to come.

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