Kenya 2017

Streets of Hope, founded in 2002, is an organization devoted to caring for children forced to fend for themselves on the street. Many of these children are under the age of ten and have lost their parents to the ever-increasing problem of AIDS. Streets of Hope started with the idea of opening a soup kitchen in Nakuru, Kenya, where hungry street children could get at least one nutritious meal a day. The African Inland Church-Section 58 Nakuru heard of the idea for a soup kitchen and offered a plot of land where we could build a small facility, at no charge. In 2003, the main site, Section 58, was completed. It has since expanded to include two satellite facilities and a boys boarding High School. What started as a soup kitchen, God has grown into a ministry that provides a home, food, education, Christ-centered spiritual guidance, medical care and HOPE for over 100 boys.

We will be traveling to partner with this organization as we share in the love and hope that is found in Christ. We will be playing games with the boys at the homes and at the high school, and will have many opportunities to share with them our story, and to hear theirs. We are thankful for this opportunity to be able to share life and the hope we have in Christ with brothers and sisters around the world.