Dominican Republic 2018

Dominican Republic Reflections – Part 4

Our courageous ladies and staff have returned from their life changing mission trip to Juan Dolio, Dominican Republic. This is our final set of reflections from those who made the journey so that you may hear more about how impactful the week was.


Senior Baylee Cook:

WOW!! I think that sums up the whole week. This week has been absolutely amazing. The Lord opened eyes and hearts to new things daily. I am so grateful for this opportunity to make life long memories and deepen relationships with my sisters in Christ. God is so, so good all the time!! 

Senior Sami Long:

No words can sufficiently describe all of the experiences and emotions of this past week in the Dominican Republic. There were some interesting times when I could not understand a word of what people were saying and they could not understand me as well. The biggest thing I’ll take away from this trip is through those times of misunderstanding each other, we were still able to communicate with our bodies and emotions. It was beautiful to see the joy on everyone’s  faces, including our own group, from simply being in the moment and loving on each other. 

Freshman Autumn McDanel:

This trip was unbelievable; we learned and grew so much! The experiences that we had were so great and my hope is that from us visiting all of these places that they felt the presence of God. The language barrier has no effect on what God can do! I hope that the seeds we planted keep getting watered and keep on growing for God!

Head Coach Brian Levin:
As we made the trip to Juan Dolio, I expected that it would have an impact on the team. However, as the Lord would have it, He exceeded my expectations more than imaginable. We thought we were coming to serve, but we were served. The people in the DR live without many of the things we take for granted, but are filled with joy just to see you. It drove home the message that “things” are not important. We are put on the earth to build relationships with one another. No matter the culture we are to serve one another with love. Just as the Lord speaks of in Matthew 22, we are to love the Lord with all our heart, all of our soul, and all of mind; and love our neighbor as ourselves. That became evident to us and will echo within our team for years to come. To witness three of these young women baptized and another give her life to Christ in our week here is a testament to how the Lord is moving within the team. It is truly humbling and a reminder that God is so good!!