Alaska 2022

Alaska – Day 7 (May 13th)

By Laura Shoopman

The team woke up early to catch our flight out of Unakaleet at 9:30 a.m. The incoming flight was packed with relatives coming in town to celebrate graduation. While there were only 13 graduating seniors, the town had many visitors to celebrate them and all of their accomplishments.

We touched down in Anchorage and to our surprise, all of our checked bags made it without any issues. Pastor Rick from Mat-Su church picked up our luggage and gave us the church van to go out and explore Anchorage. We saw Beluga point, which has gorgeous scenery of the mountains and their reflections on still waters. It is also known as a good spot to see whales.

Afterward, we went to a conservation to see some wildlife. We saw reindeer, deer, elk, moose, brown & black bears, foxes, linx and picked up some gifts from their gift shop. We headed to town to stop by more souvenir shops and grab some coffee.

We headed to the airport and said by to Stephanie, each of us getting ready to part ways and go to our final destinations.

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