Dominican Republic 2018

Dominican Republic Reflections – Part 2

Our courageous ladies and staff have returned from their life changing mission trip to Juan Dolio, Dominican Republic. We will be sharing reflections from everyone who made the journey so that you may hear more about how impactful the week was.


Junior Bailey Sims:
Throughout this trip, I have been amazed at the Lord’s faithfulness.  More often than not, we don’t have the pleasure in witnessing the harvest.  But, this week, the Lord gave us a glimpse of the beginnings of a beautiful harvest.  Walls have been torn down and doors to conversations have been opened that we never would have imagined to be opened between us.  We came into this trip so expectant, and man, did the Lord really show out. 

Sophomore Alicia Veltri:
Seeing the Lord move through our team, and the love that poured through us not only to the young girls we came in contact with in different cities but for each other is surreal! I’ve learned Jesus wants me, Jesus loves me, and Jesus wants me to love every single person around me. The impact the Dominican Republic has made on me will never fade, and the relationships within this team will only grow stronger with the help of the Lord. I am so thankful.

Michelle Levin:
This week has been an amazing journey. I had the opportunity to watch the growth of the Softball program right in front of me. Although, the transformation was beautiful, seeing the love and joy on the faces of the Dominicans was truly the biggest blessing. I will never forget the experience, it will last a lifetime. Remembering always that building relationships over gaining worldly treasures should be our ultimate desire.

Freshman Audrey Lyle:
Over this past week, my heart has been opened up even more to the love of Christ through the overwhelming joy that we have seen here in the Dominican Republic. This kind of joy is one that is present even in people living in the worst circumstances; in the children playing, in the music that fills the streets, and in the fellowship of the church we visited here. I have also learned a new perspective on the peace that the Lord can bring, and I know through my experiences here that I can find this peace and joy in any situation in my life that is already full of blessings. I am so grateful to have experienced the thick presence of God in this place and to have been able to share this amazing week with my teammates. I can’t wait to see the ways the Lord continues to work through the Score ministry for the people in the DR as well as within our team as we prepare for our season.