Kenya 2017

Painting and Fútbol

By: Dan

Today was a very eventful day in Nakuru. However, before we go into the summary of the day, we wanted to share some of our favorite quotes of the day.


“Zoinks!! Nakuru is fun!” –Burton Sampson

“Heebee Geebees! I’ve got paint all over my shorts!” – LT

“I got the paint in my eye again geez” – Kyle Malden

I’m way more athletic when I turn my hat backwards”- Coach Price

Today was an incredible day. The morning was very active, with the group heading downtown to buy paint supplies so we could repaint the common room at Section 58. While the supplies were being purchased we had the chance to talk to some street boys and that had an instant effect on the group. So far on the trip we had only been around the boys who had been pulled off of the street and talking to some of the boys who were still on the street was a bittersweet moment because it broke your heart to see the plight they were still in while, simultaneously, your heart was happy that Streets of Hope has been such a blessing to boys so similar to these that were still on the street. After we talked with these boys for a while we went back to Section 58 and were able to paint the entire common room in a handful of hours. It was a blessing to be able to help in a way that was tangible alongside of playing with the boys later in the afternoon.

After we finished painting, we headed to Naka. Naka is the home for the boys who are the youngest, but have been in the Streets of Hope program for 2 years. As we pulled up to the compound, we all instantly realized the beautiful view that was just past Naka’s backyard. The compound is located on a hill that overlooks Lake Nakuru. We could see the whole lake as well as a pack of water buffalo grazing.

After meeting all of the boys, we started up a game of fútbol (soccer). The boys, who were shy at first, immediately came out of their shell. We all realized how much of an international language fútbol really is. After the game, we went inside to hear a word from Burton Sampson. He told the boys a story and shared some of his beliefs about Jesus. After this, we began to play a game called “Yama Yama Yama” with the kids. This is a popular Kenyan game in which one person shouts a meat, and if it is edible, you jump and yell “Yama!” Alexa jumped every time they yelled “Snake!” so I guess Alexa eats snake… After the game, we said our goodbyes to the boys, and let them know that we were happy that we were going to see them again tomorrow.

It was a great day in Nakuru.


Your favorite Mizungos (Mizungo is the word for white)