Kenya 2017

Another Day in Kenya

Day 5

By Allie

Today in Nakuru, we started off our day at the youngest home. Mwariki is the initial home in which the boys will begin their journey at Street of Hope. The children were quite young and were dealing with quite a bit of adversity being that they were only there for about a week so far, however you would never have known this because they all had a smile on their face. They were so excited to show us the zebras and gazelles that were literally in their backyard. The boys demonstrated their skills to us today in Frisbee, fútbol, and singing. They thoroughly enjoyed trying to take all of our headbands and hats and making handshakes.


After we attended Mwarki, we went to Streams of Hope, the high school in which many of the boys will go to on their journey. About 25% of the boys endured the entity of the Street of Hope program and were very grateful for their experience. All the high school boys were fascinating to talk to and came up with serious and humorous conversation. We played fútbol, volleyball, basketball, and even lifted some weights. We were taught how to take pictures the “Kenyan style” which consisted of a bit of a tilt with the camera.


Overall, today was an amazing day in which we saw God truly shine through. We saw an individual who was approximately five years old who could take pictures perfectly and throw a Frisbee incredibly well. We saw individuals who demonstrated leadership skills younger than the age of ten and we saw athletes who were so well rounded that it was inspiring watching them have fun and do something they love. God truly is shining through each of these children and the hope that is resulting from this journey is truly remarkable.