Belize 2019

Sights and Soccer – Day 4

My name is Joshua South and I want to share with you about our fourth day in Belize. This morning, we were able to spend some time with each other and see some cool sights. We went to some Mayan ruins and it was really amazing. It was mind boggling how the ancient Mayans were able to build these tall and beautiful structures with barely any technology. We also saw some howler monkeys which was really cool to experience. It was cool to see another culture and the area around it.

That afternoon, we held our last sports camp of the week. We went to a local playground and basketball court with the kids and just played some games and loved on them. It’s been really amazing this past week to see the kids joy and happiness and connect with them through playing games with them. After we finished our sports camp today, we were challenged to a soccer game, America versus Belize. It was really fun and I think we actually ended up winning.

After we played soccer, we had a youth night at the church and heard some different testimonies from local kids and adults. It was really powerful to hear how God can connect all of us across different cultures. At the end of the youth night, each of us got paired up with a local adult or kid and we prayed over each other and to see that barrier broken down was really powerful and amazing to see and experience. It has been a really fulfilling week and I cannot wait to use the lessons I have learned.

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