Belize 2019

December Athletic Mission Trip to Belize

Ten student-athletes and I will be traveling to Central America on the December 2019 Belmont Athletics Mission Trip.  From December 11-17, we will be in the country of Belize working through Praying Pelican Missions, an organization that connects groups to churches in need around the world.  We will be serving and sharing the love of Jesus in Benque, Belize, the country’s westernmost city, at Benque Nazarene Church.  We will be using our gifts and skills by teaching sports to kids, helping with service projects and building relationships with the local Belizean people.

This will be a great opportunity for our student-athletes to experience a different culture, be pushed outside their comfort zone, experience God in ways they maybe never have before, and create lifelong friendships.  I’m excited to see the growth that these student-athletes experience over a week of Christmas break.

This is the first Belmont Athletics mission trip to Belize.  While Belize is known for its tourism along the coast, we will be serving inland near the Guatemalan border.  In fact, many Guatemalan children travel over the border to go to school in Benque.  Belize is a melting pot, rich with different cultures and tradition from Ancient Mayan descendants to European settlers.  It will be an exciting week and hopefully the start of a long-term connection.

If you would like to partner with us on this trip, there are two ways.  First, you can pray for us and the people we’ll be encountering.  Pray for the conversations we’ll be having, the friendships that will form, and the growth for all of us.

The second way to partner with us is to help our student-athletes get to Belize financially. You can easily donate to the Bruin Club by clicking here. Make sure you designate the gift to the “Betty Wiseman Mission Fund.”

If you would like more information about this trip or future Belmont Athletics mission trips, contact Ryan Neises at and be sure to follow trip updates on Instagram by following @BelmontSportsMinistry.

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