Dominican Republic 2018

Day 4: Dominican Republic morning

We had such a fun morning! Around 9:00 we traveled to the headquarters of the San Francisco Giants’ Latin American operations, Felipe Alou Baseball Academy. The facility was one of the most beautiful we’ve ever seen! The competition was a little harder today as they added some Dominican National players to their team, but we still had fun and came out on top. The Dominicans were having a good time too. Since this was our third day together, we were more comfortable joking around with them.

After the game, we (Audrey, Sami, Hayley, Brooklin, & I) talked to the girls about how God honors doing the little things right. We related this to softball by explaining how we run bases, focus on fundamentals, and play the game one pitch at a time. We also related it to life by how we take out the trash and work hard everyday to reach our goals. They thanked us for our message and smiled as I prayed us out. Then, we gave them the rest of our softball equipment and encouraged them to grow the game in their country.

As we finished taking 1,000,000 pictures, some of the girls asked if we wanted to go swimming with them (there were a few pools at this facility). Not caring that we didn’t have a change of clothes, we went for it! The next half hour was full of laughter, small talk, and tag. Once the Dominican girls figured out I’m not a good swimmer, they all repeated “Georgia no sabe nadar” and laughed as they all tried to tag me. Needless to say, I was “it” 8 times.

We head back to Score Int. with hungry bellies, sun burnt skin, wet clothes, and full hearts.

Prayer: that the teams we’ve played become mentors/leaders of the game and that our hearts become tender as we go to the orphanage this afternoon.

If you want to read the stories behind some of the girls we will be playing with at the orphanage, you can go to: