Rio 2018

Reflections- Jenny Roy

My head and my heart cannot comprehend what an amazing week was spent in Rio. It was amazing for many reasons, some expected and some unexpected. Having been here 3 years ago, I came in with the understanding that we would be going to a lot of schools and playing with kids as well as then getting the opportunity to share the message of Jesus. However, I was not expecting the moving moments that I had along the way.

Betty is such a role model and wonderful woman of God that I felt comfortable every step of the way. She is our teacher and allowed us to open up as a team with these young kids as well as with each other.

Many of us had the chance to share our testimony. I can honestly say it was one of the scariest but most rewarding things I’ve ever done. In my head, I was thinking I am not qualified or prepared but deep down I understood that I wasn’t doing it alone.

As I began to speak, I got emotional hearing the kids respond to me. There has never been a sweeter sound than those little voices, and my heart was moved. It is something I still can’t explain or fully comprehend. Every time I reminisce on that moment, there is a beautiful peace that comes upon me. My heart feels full and filled.

Between sharing hope with the kids, getting to know the interpreters, laughing with the team, seeing some indescribable and some breathtaking views, and everything in-between there is no way to sum up what the week in Rio meant to me. They say we changed lives in Brazil but really, they changed mine.

I cannot thank everyone enough for supporting us whether that be emotionally, financially, through thoughts or prayers. All of it made a difference and was greatly appreciated.

I am not the same person that left a week ago and returning I want to carry that feeling and motion on in my everyday life. Because of our experiences this week, our team has formed a bond that cannot be broken.

What a unique opportunity to start this season off on such a strong foundation centered around the One who matters most. I cannot wait for this year to see all that God has in store.

Thank you & Go Bruins!