Rio 2018

Jesus in their Hearts

Day 4 is in the books!
Today we revisited the same neighborhood as yesterday and were able to go see some wonderful kids while they were at school! The kids were so full of energy and joy, it was nearly overwhelming at times. They wanted nothing more than to hug all of us and play with the basketballs.
Senior and captain, Darby Maggard, shared her testimony with the kids at each school we went to and was followed by Belmont Women’s basketball founder, Betty Wiseman who also gave a short testimony and invited all of the children in a prayer to ask Jesus into their lives.
With the help of our interpreters, we were able to play a relay game with the kids. The kids would dribble the ball to the other side of the room, do their favorite dance move, and then dribble back to their line. These kids can seriously dance!
After getting a chance to spend time with all of the kids, senior Hannah Harmeyer, shared her thoughts on the day:
“You can’t even out into words what just happened here. We just sat in a school full of kids and prayed with them that they have Jesus in their hearts. The excitement and the jot that everyone felt was overwhelming and I can’t put into words that moment and that feeling. Knowing that all of these kids will go home tonight and think about Jesus is just so special.”