Rio 2018

Preparations are Underway!

The Belmont Women’s Basketball team took a small break from their busy summer workout schedule to come together and begin their mental and spiritual preparations for their mission trip to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil in August.

The meeting took place at the home of the Lanny and Brenda Holmes. The couple has been long-time supporters of the Bruins and were gracious enough to offer their home as the meeting place for the team to they prepare for their trip. After a delicious meal of pork barbecue sandwiches, mac and cheese, fruit, salad, and pound cakes, the preparations truly began.

With the help of Belmont Women’s Basketball founder, Betty Wiseman, and mission trip expert, Sharon Fairchild, the BRUINS went over the logistics for the trip regarding what to pack, daily itinerary, and so on. Then, the most vital preparations began: readying the hearts and minds.

Team captain and senior, Darby Maggard, spoke to the team about her life-changing experiences from the last time she went to Rio in 2015 as a freshman. Only five current players were on the Rio trip back in 2015 so her testimony is the only first-hand account that the majority of this team has encountered with Rio. Her story helped to open everyone’s eyes as to what to expect emotionally and spiritually when on a mission trip and furthermore, what to expect when arriving in Rio.

“This will be an incredible opportunity for our team to come together for something much bigger than basketball,” said head coach Bart Brooks.  “We are so appreciative that we are able to experience this trip together, it’s what makes Belmont such a special place.”

By the end of the meeting, an overwhelming excitement buzzed throughout the room in anticipation of the difference that this team will make as they take their love for Jesus across the ocean to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.