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Belmont Faculty Present Scholarship of Teaching and Learning at Lilly Conference


Back row left to right: Julie Hunt, Jason Lovvorn, Nathan Webb Front row left to right: Pete Giordano, Christie Kleinmann, Sue Trout, Andrea Stover, Mike Pinter

Nine Belmont faculty participated in the Lilly Conference on College Teaching November 21-23 at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio. Based on ongoing scholarship and/or longstanding collaborations with campus colleagues, four faculty members contributed four presentations as part of the Evidence-Based Learning and Teaching conference theme.

Nathan Webb (Communication Studies), Julie Hunt (Social Work) and Andrea Stover (English) shared their experiences as an active scholarly group in a poster entitled “The Quest to Develop Authentic Learning Objectives Through an Interdisciplinary Faculty Group.” Hyangsook Lee (Media Studies) discussed her scholarship in a poster entitled “Augmented Learning: Understanding Augmented Reality (AR)’s Progress and Potential in Higher Education and Professional Training.” In their presentation entitled “Radical Redesign: What To Do When Teaching Just Isn’t Working,” Jason Lovvorn (English), Andrea Stover (English) and Sue Trout (English) offered examples of transforming courses during the middle of a semester.  Pete Giordano (Psychological Science) and Mike Pinter (Teaching Center and Mathematics) delivered an invited presentation entitled “The Role of (Organized) Unpredictability in Teaching and Learning” in which they explored opportunities for faculty to fruitfully and effectively use elements of unpredictability in their courses. Christie Kleinmann (Teaching Center and Public Relations) also participated in conference sessions and contributed to the Belmont group’s conversations about teaching and learning that occurred throughout the conference.

The Lilly Conference brings together scholar teachers from across academic disciplines and is one of the nation’s most renowned conferences presenting the scholarship of teaching and learning. The conference engages scholar teachers in the sharing of innovative pedagogy and the discussion of challenges and insights about teaching and learning. Additional information about Belmont faculty’s presentations and the conference is available at

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