Month: April 2015

Lunch Discussion Addresses Writing In The Classroom

One reason many teachers encourage students to write is because the activity promotes deeper, more rigorous learning.  With writing assignments, students often must grapple with their own ideas, connect them to the ideas of others, and forge associative links across different pools of knowledge. As such, well-designed writing assignments can promote student engagement and student …

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Teacher Center Hosts Webinar on Mindfulness

A variety of Belmont faculty members have successfully integrated mindfulness activities—practices of paying attention and being in the moment— into their curricula in classes ranging from First-Year Seminar to graduate courses. On April 7, for faculty interested in this teaching strategy, the Belmont Teaching Center hosted a webinar entitled “Everybody Present: Mindfulness in the Classroom.” The …

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Newsletter Examines Writing and Learning

Please check out the latest edition of the Teaching Center newsletter, The Art of Teaching, at  In conjunction with next week’s Teaching Center lunch discussion, this issue addresses ideas about using writing to engage deeper student learning.  It features pieces by Darlene Panvini, Jonathan Thorndike, Bonnie Smith Whitehouse, Julie Hunt, and Donovan McAbee.

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