Upcoming Teaching Center Events and Opportunities

I’m writing today with the final blog post of the 2018-2019 academic year. The blog will be taking a break until August, but don’t hesitate to contact us in the meantime with any questions, comments, or suggestions. Below are some reminders of upcoming Teaching Center events and opportunities.

  1. If you want to arrange for a consultation regarding your spring semester student course evaluations, please see the email invitation sent from teachingcenter@belmont.edu.
  2. Also, check your email for a message from Mike with a list of conferences with a SoTL element or emphasis. Where possible, he included deadlines for proposals in case you are interested in developing a presentation proposal for such a conference. The deadline for the next round of Teaching Center Travel Grants is Tuesday, September 10.
  3. Please mark your calendar for our August 12 and 13 Teaching Center Workshops to be led by Dr. Randy Bass, Vice Provost for Education, Professor of English, and Director of Georgetown’s Designing the Future(s) Initiative. Dr. Bass will provide an interactive keynote presentation entitled Higher Education and the Future of Human Learning as part of the August 12 morning Fall Faculty Workshop.  He will also facilitate a workshop on Designing for High-Impact Integrative Experiential Learning the afternoon of August 12, with that workshop repeated the morning of August 13. We will send out an email in July inviting you to register for the workshop.
  4. Between now and August, there are several reading groups meeting and discussing books offered by the Teaching Center. Our Teaching Center July 9 lunch discussion will be an opportunity for general conversation about the reading group books. We will send out an email invitation for the lunch discussion one week in advance.
  5. We will welcome our incoming new faculty members to Belmont during New Faculty Orientation scheduled for August 7-9. The Teaching Center works with the Provost’s Office and Human Resources to plan and provide a variety of interactive sessions for NFO.
  6. The Teaching Center will offer two different kinds of reading groups during Fall 2019:
    • a September group, in partnership with the Office of General Education, for a title (to be determined) in anticipation of the September FYS Featured Speaker
    • Belmont Applied Teaching and Learning groups (BeATLes), titles to be determined, are for groups that will meet throughout the semester exploring teaching ideas from the reading

As Mike stated in an email he sent out last week, we hope that summer includes time for reflection, rest, and rejuvenation. If you are around this summer and want to drop by the Teaching Center (JAAC 2049/2050), we would be happy to see you!

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