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Integrating Digital Assignments into an Existing Course
January Workshop

To begin the new semester, Belmont faculty with some recent experience in using Scholarship of Digital Information (SoDI) sources presented ways to create new assignments for an existing course to foster interdisciplinary learning and collaboration.  SoDI assignments attempt to integrate current Internet databases and archives with the full range of traditional humanities and social science courses.  There are also opportunities to integrate similar assignments into science, graduate, and professional courses.  Presenters were (from left to right) Belmont faculty members Joel Overall (English), Beth Ritter-Conn (Religion and Honors Program), Zach Quint (Research Librarian), and Sybril Brown (Journalism); the workshop was organized by Jonathan Thorndike (Honors).  Participants were able to see how SoDI offers new insight into old sources and allows students and scholars to interact while building community and sharing information.  To read more about the workshop, click here.