First Year Faculty Thoughts

Janet Hicks, Ph.D.
Professor & Director of Mental Health Counseling

BS, Education, Eastern New Mexico University (1990)
MS, Counseling, Texas A & M University-Corpus Christi (1997)
PhD, Counselor Education, Texas A & M University-Corpus Christi (2005)

My first semester at Belmont has been a wonderful challenge. My students perform at a higher cognitive level and exhibit more emotional intelligence than any I taught previously. I attribute this to the overall spiritual environment and teaching emphasis focused upon at Belmont and within the College of Theology and Christian Ministry. I have never been busier and never loved my job this much. Being surrounded by caring administrators, faculty, students, and even the scenery here has been a real blessing. I thank God every day for bringing me here and for the wonderful colleagues and students on this campus. When I see the genuine concern for others combined with those “aha moments” in my students eyes, it is all worthwhile.