Mission Trip Resources

In less than a week we will be sending out groups to serve all around the world for spring break! As we near the beginning of spring break, we wanted to remind you all of some of our resources to make sure that your mission trip experience is the best that it can be!  All Belmont on Mission resources can be found on our website.

Leaders, there are numerous resources under the “Team Leaders”  tab which would be hugely beneficial as a supplement to the resources you already have.  From spiritual formation to budgeting tools to risk management— anything you may need is available!

In addition to logistical resources, there are a number of videos, podcasts, blogs, and organizations linked at the bottom of the age.  These are all publishings that highlight the ideas of responsible engagement with poverty, missions, and justice.  We highly encourage you to look towards these resources for inspiration and guidance as you navigate leading a meaningful and purposeful mission trip.

Students, all of these same resources are available to you, should you feel like you need them; however, there is a tab on the website just for you!  Click “Students” to see all the resources and opportunities specially designed for our student body!

If you have any questions or concerns as we head into spring break, please do not hesitate to reach out!

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