Prayer Requests for Spring Break Missions

Starting Friday of this weekend we will be sending out all of our spring break Belmont on Mission teams to serve for the next week! Months and months of preparation has led to this point, and it has come time to trust God with our students, leaders, and host organizations. Over the next week, please join us in praying for the groups as they serve. There are so many ways you can be praying, so here is a short list of ways you can be praying that God will be moving and working.

  • Students

    • For low anxiety as they head into a new environment with new people. For the students’ ability to be fully present with their team and the people they will be serving.
    • The journey ahead is long – Belmont on Mission’s vision is for short term mission trips to be more than just a week long, “mountain top” experience. Students will be stepping into a lifelong journey of discerning how they can use their gifts, talents, and abilities to best serve the Kingdom of God. With that, students may discover a way that they can connect their call to serve the Kingdom of God with their vocation! We are praying and seeking growth in heart, mind, and soul.
      • Psalm 143:10
  • Leaders

    • For leaders’ abilities to continuously be able to lead with wisdom and grace in every situation. Also for patience as they navigate group dynamics and foster intentional and empathetic community as they serve. We ask that their ability to create unity among the group will be encouraging to all.
      • 1 Peter 4:7-11
  • Location

    • We pray for the community in which these students and leaders are about to step into. We thank God for the amazing host organizations that groups are working with, and we ask for continued safety and security for everyone.  Please be praying that Belmont on Mission’s presence is not only positive, but effective in the communities that will be welcoming us.
      • Proverbs 19:21

If you have any questions about Belmont on Mission, please reach out!

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