Student Take: Devanie Coombs

Today we have Devanie Coombs talking about her anticipation to serve with DOOR in Denver over spring break!  We are so excited for you to read about Devanie’s heart for missions!

“Hello everyone! My name is Devanie Coombs and I am a Neuroscience major that is going on the Denver Belmont on a Mission.

For me, I serve in our community around Nashville doing elementary outreach with the neuro program or serving our community through mentorship/giving back with my time. What is interesting is that I have never been on a mission’s trip. I am excited to go on the Denver trip because I get to be emerged in a community that needs help, explore my faith and how I can impact Denver’s community through Jesus, and finally, I get to go on this trip with various honors and neuroscience individuals that care about serving and want to express their faith.

For me, this trip is a chance to explore a region I have never been too, see the need of the people I have never met, strengthen my faith in God through serving him, and traveling outside of Nashville, where I have grown up in.”

If you have any questions about upcoming mission trips or Belmont on Mission in general, please reach out!

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