Trip Spotlight: DOOR Network – Denver, CO

Earlier this semester, we posted a host partner organization spot light on the DOOR Network.  DOOR is an amazing ministry which connects students and teams with their broad network of nonprofits and churches in cities around the country to cultivate long lasting, impactful, and effective change.  DOOR has multiple programs located around the country in Atlanta, Chicago, Denver, Los Angeles, and Miami.  Each program base has specific curriculum that brings the cultural context into account.  This spring break, we have two opportunities to serve with DOOR.  One group will travel to Atlanta, GA and one group will be traveling to Denver, CO.

Denver, CO is a very interesting city, home to a large population of refugees as well as a very welcoming community.  Political leaders have made it a goal for the city to support as many refugees as possible, and it is through the work of volunteers through organizations like DOOR. DOOR is “dedicated to providing life-changing experiences for our participants rooted in relationship and solidarity with local communities and neighborhoods.”  Belmont on Mission is so excited to be partnering with such a great organization.

While in Denver, students will spend time serving with a variety of local agencies and ministries and learning through evening speakers and activities. The experience is about more than preparing a meal at a soup kitchen or playing with children at a day camp. It is an opportunity to work alongside local community members, to learn from local leaders, and to listen to the stories of neighbors, clients, and churches.  Students will be working in a young, thriving neighborhood which, unfortunately, it is not immune to the issues of poverty, police brutality, and low performing schools.  In this, Belmont gets to partner with DOOR in community development and immersion in such a beautiful community.

If you have any questions about DOOR or any upcoming Belmont on Mission trips, please reach out!

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