Projects that empower external partners to actionable initiatives and solutions within the community.  

Healthy Community Insights

HCI is a group of companies and  organizations that look to empower actionable solutions for the the health and well-being of communities.  HCI was inspired by the work started by former U.S. Senator Bill Frist, M.D. who recognizes that Nashville may be known as a leader in healthcare services, but the health of its citizens is poor compared to its peer cities. Sen. Frist started NashvilleHealth and also initiated the start of HCI with Belmont University. 

Hypertension in Nashville

Hypertension in NashvilleThe BDC partnered with the Thriving Cities Group to explore the hypertension disparities in Nashville.

This report is meant to be the initial conversation for understanding – what we know – what has been done – and what we can do together.

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Explore Data

Visualize our data in an easy to use mapping feature.  Click below to learn how and then explore the data of your community in TN.


Education through events, experiences, workshops and curriculum to give everyone the data skills that they need.

Student Engagement

DrA_StudentsRISEThe Belmont Data Collaborative looks to provide students at Belmont University data skills, through curriculum, projects, events, and real-wrold experiences.

Some of the past events include data hackathons, “what is data” workshops, and the creation of the new student organization the Belmont Data Experience.

Faculty Engagement

The key to students having data skills is through our faculty.  Therefore by empowering faculty to learn, use, and incorporate  data into their courses and research – students will be able to embrace the use of data.  This can be accomplished through on-demand content, ready-made projects, data hackathons, or other data inspired projects.  

External Engagement

Data skills for all extends to the community with opportunities for presentations and workshops to teach data storytelling and the data skills needed for everyone career.

Want the Belmont Data Collaborative team for a workshop at your organization?  Please contact us for more information on how we can get started.

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