Belmont Data Platform

The Belmont Data Collaborative has developed a platform that has aggregated community level data (Data Warehouse), a mapping visualization tool that pulls directly from the data warehouse (RoundTable), and are developing a collaboration tool (Relight coming Fall 2022) that will allow individuals and teams to work together to try to solve complex community level problems .

Data Warehouse

BDC Data Warehouse

Data Aggregation

The Data Warehouse is a secure repository of curated public and private data that offers a growing inventory of research-level data for the Nashville Metropolitan Area and the state of Tennessee. Belmont is also partnering with companies such as ChangeHealthcare and Blue Cross Blue Shield TN to enhance its data for healthy communities. While its initial data is being gathered as part of this initiative, the warehouse is intended to serve as a single, consistently organized facility to host data for work in many different subject areas. The warehouse operates from a modern cloud-based infrastructure which can be used to host more sophisticated work beyond raw data set hosting.

BDC Roundtable

Data Visualization

RoundTable is an open data mapping and visualization tool that is built to reveal community assets alongside indicators of thriving, including health outcomes and social determinants of health (SDOH). Built upon the Human Ecology Framework48 from TCG, RoundTable combines indicator data with a catalog of community resources and organizational, program and collaboration profiles, mapping them across various geographic levels. Individuals and organizations can access RoundTable to visualize trends over time, create print-quality snapshots of a topic, and ultimately, gain insight into various challenges and the cross-sectoral resources available to address them.


BDC Relight

Data Collaboration

Coming Fall 2022

Relight is a facility in which the community working to mitigate the effects of hypertension and other such issues can come together to interact online. Relight enables the ecosystem of problem-solvers to come together, learn together, and solve together by allowing data-informed dialog and a shared repository of ideas and insights. It has been used to host conversations both technical and philosophical, with participants from all over the world.

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