About BDC

Inspiring all to think different with data.

This collaborative looks to do two main things:   to provide DATA SKILLS FOR ALL and to teach those to use DATA FOR GOOD for our communities.

RISE Program
Dr. Marquinta Harvey and Dr. Charlie Apigian talk with High School Students (RISE-HS) in Christina Davis’s class at Belmont University in Nashville, Tennessee, June 22, 2022.

Data Skills for All

It is understood that everyone is different and their needs for data skills range dramatically, but everyone needs a certain level of data skills.  This initiative focuses on how we take anyone through data literacy to data fluency.  It is the mission of the Belmont Data Collaborative to help students at Belmont as well as the general public through of obtaining a certain data acumen to empower individuals to use data for actionable decisions and solutions.  

Data skills education will be through courses, programs, workshops, online content, experiences, and events that help to promote data for all and gain the insight needed to use data to compel action.   

Data for Good

The Belmont Data Collaborative is focused on community level projects that can expose and transform problems into actionable solutions.  This focus on using data for the good our community includes the development of the Belmont Data Warehouse that includes all publicly available data in the state of TN.  This data is then used as a starting point for community level projects such as hypertension, affordable housing, and mental health.  The BDC believes that the community plays a role in the health and wellness of the individual and by focusing on the community we can identify areas of need and the lack of resources.  This can then lead to substantial change that can empower others to thrive within their community.

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