Q & A With Campus Partners

The Q & A With Campus Partners series is designed to connect faculty with personnel and offices on campus in order to better serve Belmont’s students. This installment features Adrianne Archie from the Belmont Office of Leadership Development- BOLD.

What is your title?
Assistant Dean and Director of Leadership Development.

What brought you to Belmont?
I believe, the campus culture and the students brought me to Belmont. In 2012 when I relocated to Nashville from Louisville, the first friends and associates I made were Belmont employees and students. I didn’t know much about Belmont at the time but I knew that I enjoyed my new friends.  The Belmont students I’d worked with spoke well of the university and the experiences they had as we collaborated on various service-learning and music projects.  Having worked in the non-profit sector, the music industry and in field of education for more than 15 years, Belmont has turned out to be an excellent fit!

What do you do in your role as Assistant Dean and Director of Leadership Development?
I provide support and care for all Belmont students in partnership with the Dean of Students in the Division of Student Affairs. My position came out of the Vision 2020 Student Leadership Development task force approved recommendations between 2014 and 2016. When I arrived in August 2017, I was charged with centralizing and creating a framework and database for campus-wide leadership development, highlighting and bolstering leadership within the general education and honors requirements and creating a leadership development hub for all students. I partner with various Belmont offices, departments and academic colleges to create experiences and opportunities for students to realize their full leadership potential.

How does your office serve Belmont’s students?
The Belmont Office of Leadership Development- BOLD creates and provides experiences that help students increase their capacity to lead and serve ethically.  We believe every Belmont student is a leader with or without a formal leadership position. The office’s ultimate goal is to meet students where they are and provide guidance as they journey to become ethical, transformative servant-leaders who engage and transform the world. Leadership development is one of the keys that will help our students go from here to anywhere. BOLD helps students make sense of their leadership development experiences in and outside of the classroom by tracking and assessing their progress in a co-curricular transcript in Bruin Link. Students who complete programs and experiences across campus within the four BOLD levels of engagement will receive a certificate in leadership development upon graduating.

In what ways do (or can) faculty partner with your office?
Faculty members provide a wealth of knowledge, resources, and expertise in the areas of ethics, resilience, collaboration, communication, inclusivity, and service as they help facilitate the various programs, workshops, retreats, and convocations offered by the Belmont Office. These competencies are all leadership development.  Faculty members have also helped edit and evaluate the curriculum created at each BOLD level of engagement to ensure that the office achieves its learning objectives and outcomes.

Faculty can continue to help spread the word about BOLD opportunities and help students understand how they are being developed as leaders in and outside of the classroom.

What would you like faculty to know about Belmont Office of Leadership Development- BOLD?

  1. If we have not met, I would love to come to your office to get to know you. There is so much that I can learn from you if you are willing to share. I am ready to listen in order to serve our students well.
  2. The Belmont Office of Leadership Development believes in leadership development for all!
  3. Leadership development is everyone’s business at Belmont and we want to highlight the work you are doing to create bold, ethical Belmont leaders.
  4. When a faculty member tells even one student about BOLD or offers just 15-30 minutes of their time to help a Belmont student realize and increase their capacity to lead, we all win! The Belmont mission is accomplished.

In partnership with the faculty, BOLD is committed to preparing and empowering students with a toolbox of leadership skills and experiences through a seamless, integrated, high-impact leadership development presence in both curricular and co-curricular spaces.

You can find more information on BOLD here.