Resource of the Month

This month’s resource, Supporting and Mentoring New Social Work Instructors: A Formative Evaluation of the TEAM Program, is found in the Journal of Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (JoSoTL). The article, written by Shane R. Brady and Michael S. Spencer, provides a formative evaluation of a peer mentorship and teaching support program in a school of social work. According to its website, JoSoTL “aims to address contemporary issues bridging teaching and learning in higher education, philosophical approaches to teaching, current research, and praxis.” The journal, founded in 2001, is published by Indiana University’s Faculty Academy on Excellence in Teaching.

The purpose of the Resource of the Month is twofold:
1) To encourage the scholarship of teaching and learning (SoTL) by providing examples of high-quality research.
2) To provide faculty with innovative ideas that promote effective pedagogy.