First Year Faculty Thoughts

Amy Bryson Smith, J.D.

Assistant Professor of Music Business

B.B.A., Business Management, Belmont College
B.S., Education, Belmont University
J.D., Nashville School of Law

It seems just like last week that I was running around the campus of Belmont College as a full-time student. Yes, we were a college until 1991. So much has changed since those years. Back then, the building I now teach in was where our baseball field and tennis courts were located. We had parking lots everywhere and no parking garages. And, Starbucks was not on campus, nor even in Nashville.

I have always been proud to be a graduate of both Belmont College and Belmont University (I graduated with a BBA in 1990 and an Education degree in 1991). Having taught as an adjunct here for many years, I have always been impressed with the serious approach Belmont students take to their education, while having fun in the process. Now that I am here as a professor, my love for the Belmont community is even stronger.

Being here with the students, faculty, and administrators every day, I see how truly blessed I am to work at a place for which I hold such fond memories as a student. Also, what a joy it is to come to work each day to a place where God is celebrated. The Belmont community is a special place – vibrant with beauty, faith for God, and a focused excitement to be the very best in all we do. It’s great to be back on campus once again full-time.


The First Year Faculty Thoughts series is a way for the Belmont University community to get to know new faculty members as they reflect on their journeys to Belmont.