First Year Faculty Thoughts

Ken Corbit, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Public Relations

B.A., Communication Studies, Arkansas State University
M.A., Communication Studies, Arkansas State University

Ph.D., Strategic Communication, University of Alabama


Integration into a new institution has the potential to be a comic adventure of signature mishaps. Yet, my assimilation into the Belmont community has been nearly seamless. Throughout the process leadership has over communicated, excelled in training and provided reflective opportunity.

The Teaching Center has provided ongoing orientation for new faculty and the monthly training sessions have been outstanding. Each session provides new pedagogical content and time for rumination. Regardless of an individual’s time in academia, the content is enlightening, challenging and applicable. Likewise, the ability to become part of the team has been incredible.

I’ve already been welcomed onto the Faith & Academics Committee, developed an LCC class for a Belmont Abroad Maymester, worked as a team leader for a Fall service opportunity through Plunge and signed up to lead a Small Group revolving around Christian leadership this fall. The combination of teaching and service are unique, yet the embracing of scholarship is apparent as well. I have been given opportunity to continue my own research agenda, and as a result have four conference presentations pending.

Belmont University has exceeded all my expectations to this point. I am excited about the journey and chasing the dream.


The First Year Faculty Thoughts series is a way for the Belmont University community to get to know new faculty members as they reflect on their journeys to Belmont.