New Faculty Mentor Breakfast

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On Tuesday, August 23, new faculty gathered for breakfast and to meet their faculty mentor. The faculty mentoring program has existed for many years and pairs new faculty with a current faculty member outside of his/her discipline.  This program allows for building community, seeking advice, networking, and friendship.  This year’s new faculty and mentors are:


Alexander Assouad                                                 mentor Jim Al-Shamma

Michelle Corvette and Janet Hicks                      mentor Natalie Michaels

Alan Coverstone                                                      mentor Scott Weston

Stephen Eaves and Tom Knowles-Begwell         mentor Rush Hicks

Jeremy Fyke and Patrick Morse                            mentor Joel Overall

Catherine Graham                                                    mentor Cindy Bisson

Yang He and Adam Pfleegor                                 mentor Edgar Diaz-Cruz

Phillip Lee and Quinton Owens                             mentor Mark Schenkel

David Schreiber                                                        mentor Bruce Dudley