Here is a list of competitive internship and post-graduate opportunities. These opportunities are best-suited for juniors and seniors who have some previous internship experience.

 Cooley Public Strategies

FINN Partners (formerly DVL Seigenthaler)


Lovell Communications

Change Healthcare

Hall Strategies

Lexington PR

Exile International

Global Warming Mitigation Project Fellowships

Other Post Graduate Fellowships and Opportunities (Peace Corp, Teach for America, Lumos, etc.)


  • You should have already completed at least one internship before applying to any of these internships. You should be able to talk about what you learned there.
  • Be able to show examples of your work from your classes, campus organizations, and/or previous internships (writing, campaigns, graphic design, etc.). A digital portfolio is a great way to store and showcase your work.
  • For some of these agencies, you might be required to take a current events or writing test, so brush up on AP style and keep current with your news feed.
  • Research the agency. Have a good understanding of what they do and the clients they serve. Look for news articles about them.
  • Study the position carefully and have a good idea of what you’d be doing as an intern.
  • Connect with alumni and faculty to help guide you as needed.