Alumni Profile: Daphne Johnson

Daphne Johnson graduated in 2023 and currently works as a Marketing Coordinator for Charleston Metro Chamber of Commerce.

What was your major and minor in college?

Corporate Communication major; Design Communications and Publishing minors

Where did you intern in college?

  • Communications Intern at the Frist Art Museum (2023)
  • Business Development Intern at Thistle Farms (2022)
  • Editorial Intern at Christian Art Gifts (2021)

 What were your co-curricular activities in college?

I was involved with Belmont’s Cone Center for Entrepreneurship and, through it, helped start a student-run store on campus. I was also a TT Leader my sophomore and junior year and a Bruin Recruiter my senior year. And, I did study abroad the summer before my senior year—if that counts as a co-curricular!

How did you get your current position?

Post-grad, I decided to move to Charleston, SC and did most of my job research through online platforms, looking for jobs that matched both what I wanted to do and the work culture I desired. I applied for my current job on LinkedIn and got the job after several interviews.

 What does a typical work day look like for you?

At the Chamber of Commerce, we run programs and events that support our community of members and Charleston’s broader business community. On a typical day, I share about and support these programs and events, as well as support members, by running the Chamber’s social media accounts, writing for the website, copyediting email communication, attending and photographing events, and various other marketing tasks!

 What do you like best about your job?

Honestly, it’s kind of hard to choose the best part about my job because I love it all! I’ll try to narrow it down to two things: One, I get to work with really wonderful people who are kind hearted, supportive, and fun, while at the same time fully dedicated to the work we do. Two, I love the professional development that I have access to along with my daily work—I am able to attend any Chamber event, which has helped me grow in my understanding of and skills in leadership, government relations, DEI, networking, effective communication, and more.

What advice do you have for majors and minors in communications?

The best advice I got in college was that I should seek out multiple professional experiences during my college years to help prepare me for post grad. Consider this a retweet of that advice. I would also highly recommend prioritizing a healthy workplace and supportive coworkers when you are looking for jobs and internships. The people you work with really matter! Lastly, I would recommend staying open-minded and open-handed when thinking about your future.

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